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All high school students should be taught basic financial education.


Learn how money works.

Give-Get® teaches financial literacy.


Practice by playing with friends.

Move up the rankings with daily play.


Compete for scholarship prizes.

Play against others on a national stage.

All high school students should be taught basic financial literacy skills. Financial literacy helps individuals become independent so that they can achieve financial stability.  Give-Get® is an effective financial literacy program developed for high school students. Students play a financial literacy game against other students in a national competition to earn scholarship money. An App is used to teach budgeting, saving, investing and borrowing.

Your Content is delivered using the Give-Get financial education platform.

● PDF files or MP4 videos uploaded to the app using the Partner and/or Teacher Portal.
● Put your content in the hands of the students on their phones.
● Your content can be viewed anytime and anywhere
● The Learn section is completely customizable by the partner.


The Give-Get Game

● Introduces the students to the basics topics of budgeting, saving, investing and borrowing.
● Learner videos connect the game to real-life financial topics.
● Fun to play and reinforces the concepts the partners’s lessons will teach.
● Partner logo displayed in the game.
● Customizable by the partner.


● Support local, regional and/or national tournaments.
● Scholarships can be awarded for local, regional and/or national winners as a way to encourage the students to learn the financial education material.
● Leaderboard records players win-loss records and player styles.
● Completely customizable by the partner.


Give-get® Partnership Opportunities

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Join your friends and family in our brand new financial board game experience! The spiner will determine where you go! You decide what to do with your money and learn how money works!

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