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Everyone should have access to basic financial education. Financial education helps individuals become independent so they can achieve financial stability. Give-Get is an app used to teach budgeting, saving, investing and borrowing.

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In the game, your car takes you on a money journey where you learn basic financial concepts and practice good money behaviors. You give money and try to get money to grow your net worth as you drive around board. Play the game to practice good money behaviors that become winning habits!

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Your Content is delivered using the Give-Get financial education platform.

  • Your content in the hands of your players on their devices.
  • PDF files, MP4 videos, and customized quizzes uploaded to the app using your Teacher Portal.
  • Your content can be used viewed by your players anytime and anywhere
  • The Learn section of the app is completely customizable by you.
  • Your brand in the game with your logos.


Learn fundamental financial concepts by playing a game and watching videos. The 5 “Money Musts” to grow your Net Worth – Budgeting, Saving, Investing, Speculating, and Borrowing.